Monday, 6 June 2011

Welcome to Dr. Junaedy Ganie's blog

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Visitors,

Welcome to my blog.

I hope you will find the information published in my blog to be both useful and interesting.

When this blog was prepared, it was my intention to dedicate this blog to the development of insurance, risk management, arbitration, consumer legal protection and financial advisory. From now on  I would also like to include in this blog various topics related to character building, my passion toward capacity building and good corporate governance. As from 14 January 2015, I would expand the scope of topics in this blog to include some economic development aspects. However, from June or  July 2015, I may from time to time republish other writers' articles or topics to which I have special interest that for a very strong reason I would like to share them with you.

I would appreciate and thank you for any feed back, idea that you may have that will enrich the value of the information herein.

Dr. Junaedy Ganie

(last updated on 27 June 2015)

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